Supreme Services - Do not trust WorldWide Services

Reston, Virginia 1 comment

WorldWide Services, Supreme Services, Supreme Solutions.In reference to Lowering Credit card interest, they send paperwork for you to fill out, they charge you ASAP.

You have no way of returning this. P.O. box in Staten Island, NY 10313. Charge people 695.00 for nothing.

Give fake number and you have no contact with them. I will be fighting this since they charge 2x. Working with credit card company,, Federal Trade commission, and NY Attorney General. Additional info is appreciated.

I have a fax number for them if you would like to fight also.

Will be makeing this a legal issue!

It's Fraud.


Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #51540

You have fax number for who ??????

I want the number to the bank they or useing? Thier the ones who or chargeing us .I want this company shut down. I to was scam by them.

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